KidKraft / Cedar Summit Playset Assembly

  • Assembly as specified by the manufacturer at a location chosen by the customer.
  • Consolidation of packaging materials to an area specified by customer.
  • Explanation of weight limits and required maintenance.

  • Removal and disposal of an existing playset.
  • Removal and disposal of packaging materials.
  • Minor site preparation.

Why can't I book with my zip code?

At this time, online pricing and scheduling is available in select cities. If your zip code isn’t supported, it doesn’t mean we can’t still service your needs.  Please request a quote or give us a call at 800-989-3089.

What do I need to do before my technician arrives?

For smooth assembly process, please ensure that all box(es) for your playset have arrived, and have a flat location chosen in your yard for installation.

Please keep all pets and children away from the assembly site for the duration of the appointment.

How level should the assembly location be?

You need to have a location chosen in your yard that is completely flat and level. The technician may be able to accomodate a minor slope, however extensive site preparation is not part of the standard service.

Please note that you cannot use mulch to level the installation area.

What happens if there's bad weather?

If on the day of your appointment the weather does not allow for outdoor assembly projects, you will be contacted to work out an alternate appointment day and time.

Our technicians are not expected to work outdoors during rain, snow, high winds, or dangerous temperatures.

Will my playset be assembled in one day?

With the exception of unusually large playsets, missing components, or weather-related delays, most residential playset assemblies are completed in one day.

Should I add mulch to the play area?

While it’s ultimately your decision, all playset manufacturers suggest having a safety surface such as mulch installed below the playset and its surroundings.

If you choose to add a safety surface, please wait to do so until after your playset has been assembled.

What if the playset is damaged?

As with any product made of natural wood, the following are typical and to be expected:

  • Minor chips, cracks, or splits.
  • Bowed or warped wood.
  • Uneven stain or discoloration.


If the technician discovers any significant damage he/she will discuss it with you and determine how to best proceed.