In-Ground Basketball Goal Installation Terms

Updated 11/04/2020

By contracting with Assembly Pros for assembly/installation of in-ground basketball goal systems, and in order to provide a smooth installation process, client agrees to the following:

  1. These terms are in addition to our general Terms of Service.
  2. Client should have location for installation chosen prior to technician’s arrival.
  3. All quotes are specific to the make and model of the item. Any additional accessories or services are not included unless specifically quoted.
  4. Boxes/packaging materials/garbage will be consolidated to a designated location on client’s property. Unless otherwise selected during the booking process, disposal is the responsibility of the client.
  5. Work area must be free and clear of obstacles, tall grass, and pet droppings.
  6. All children and pets must be kept clear of the work area until the installation is complete.
  7. Should it be discovered during the installation process that there are missing and/or damaged parts that must be received to complete the installation, an additional trip fee may be assessed for a return visit.
  8. Client is responsible for obtaining any Home Owner Association approval that may be required.
  9. All appointments are weather-permitting.
  10. Client must have all underground utilities located and marked prior to installation – call 811. Technician cannot dig without utilities being marked.
  11. Technician cannot dig within 18″ of any marked utility.
  12. It is the client’s responsibility to know the location, and inform the technician, of any privately installed underground lines, including but not limited to irrigation, invisible dog fence, private electric, etc. Client shall not hold Assembly Pros liable for disturbing a line that was not known to be in the area.
  13. Two separate appointments are required for complete installation, with a minimum of 72 hours between them. The second appointment will be scheduled upon completion of the first appointment.
  14. Payment is due in full upon completion of the first appointment.
  15. Installation site (typically a driveway) must be free of vehicles and any other obstacles.
  16. If client’s installation site cannot be directly accessed by a truck and trailer, prior notice must be given, and an additional site access fee of $2 per foot may be assessed.
  17. Water and power access must be available within 100′ of the installation site.
  18. Soil, rock, and other debris that is dug out for installation of the concrete footer is left next to the installation site. Technician does not remove of dispose of any soil, rock, or debris from the job site.

Failure to follow any of the above provisions may result in additional fees, rescheduling of the appointment, or cancellation of the job. Please contact us prior to your appointment if you have any questions or concerns.

Your technician cannot dig without you first having all underground utilities located and marked.